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Lead generation is the key to attracting new leads with the potential to convert. Whether its online or offline, generating leads is the gateway to keeping a business afloat. Although many marketers today focus solely on content marketing, lead generation is more than just that. It is important to diversify digital marketing strategies and tactics in campaigns to generate endless leads to keep businesses going. With creativity and adoption of effective lead generation strategies, marketin managers should...

Knowing how to connect with your target audience online is critical for achieving your brand’s digital strategy. By producing and sharing relevant content for the right audiences, you can significantly boost customer engagement, generate higher quality sales leads and increase conversions....

We all know Why SEO is Important, for any website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the process of optimizing the webpage or website in order to make it visible in the search engines for a particular keyword/query. The higher visibility the pages gain, more traffic you get for the website. Coming to optimization, there are hundreds of factors that affect the visibility and ranking in the search engines. SEO procedure is categorised in two ways: On-Page...

Most search engines consider hidden text to be spam — but there are several kinds of hidden text, and Web designers use some kinds of hidden text for legitimate reasons that have nothing to do with fooling a search engine into giving the site a high rating. How do you know if you’re courting a permanent ban? explains the different types of hidden text, and how they are treated by the search engines....